Sunday, 29 June 2014


Didn't take an antihistamine tonight… Or last night I should say. So I've been wide awake since 2am.. Fell asleep at about midnight so I've managed to get 2hrs sleep in. That's something haha

My lovely partner got me this wonderful little clock and as you can see its now 5.13am and I thought I'd write a post seeing as sleep is not my friend tonight.

I'm quite lucky with my insomnia I suppose because I don't really get to itchy at night… Unless I get frustrated with being awake.. Then I get itchy!! I'll usually have a couple of maintenance scratches throughout the night.. But when I have nights like this (usually only when I don't take an antihistamine) I usually just try go with the flow. And the flow is wide awake!

I vividly remember last time I was going through TSW and I would be wide awake every night between midnight at 5am (this was before I found out about the lovely drowsy antihistamines).. I had this tiny little spotlight that strapped onto my finger and lay in bed and I'd read every book I could get my hands on and I could just NOT understand why I had insomnia when my whole life I'd always been a big sleeper. I'm glad I know now whats causing this I just wish I knew how long it's going to take before I can get a solid (unmedicated) nights sleep again.

After reading up on a lot of other warriors experiences with this issue it seems that the insomnia can improve anywhere between 4 - 9 months for the solid sleep habits to come back. EEEk. Oh well at least for now I've got something nice to look at on my wide awake nights :)

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