Tuesday, 17 June 2014

10 WEEKS & Bentonite Clay part 2 & UVB Tanning

Skin Update...

I'm a little late in writing last weeks skin update. Things have been up and a little down over the last week... mostly up though which I'm really excited about.

My face finally seems to be clearing up which makes me happy :) but the dry/flakeyness seems to be heading south now. My neck/chest area are very dry... luckily not to the point of cracking but the tightness does stress me out slightly. My arms go through cycles of being covered in snow flakes to being semi smooth. The ashy elephant looking skin will be haunting me for a long time though I think which is ok by me as long as it doesn't get any worse. I have also developed some rashy broken areas behind my knees, nothing to major but I thought I had better mention it as my legs have been mostly fine up until now. Finally, due to the increase in sweat attacks I have been having lately, the skin around my stomach/back has now got a slight crocodile texture... probably from the sweat and itching combination.

I have also had this one spot on the back of my neck that has just oozed non stop over the last 2 days!!! Its finally scabbed over this morning but literally the last 2 days, every time I touched the spot I'd look at my finger and it would be glistening with ooze! DISGUSTING! I tried some of the Bentonite Clay on it yesterday morning and it still persisted in oozing all yesterday and last night. Thats the longest time that I've had a spot ooze for. Crazy. I just can not understand how this ooze took so long to dry out.

Anyway I guess that spot is starting to heal which is good, for now anyway.

I also had another big outing with my partner over the weekend. Went for a bit of a road trip as he had a job interview in Auckland (2.5 hrs away), we left early, I hung around at the beach for a couple of hours while he was busy, we went and had lunch, went to see an open home and I test drove a car (one of those little VW Golfs... really want one but unemployment has its downfalls) and then we ended up getting home about 6pm. I was in bed by 8 and out like a light (no antihistamine either). This whole no stamina/energy thing still intrigues me.

Bentonite Clay part 2...

So I started doing the clay masks just over a week ago now, there were a couple days last week that I missed so all up I've probably done the masks about 7 times. I'm not to sure if it's because my face was coming into a break or if the clay masks are working their magic... either way I'm happy !

Heres a photo of me yesterday...

I still wake up a little flakey and really puffy around my eyes but the flakes wash off with the clay and the puffiness always goes down by the end of the day. So really, can't complain.

UVB Tanning...

Because I'm that impatient, I've also found a good place in town has a full spectrum sunbed which I've tried out a couple of times. Its not to expensive and I've started out on 4 minutes which I will gradually build up. Haven't really got anything report on that just now other than it feels nice to get a bit of vitamin D again haha.

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  1. You look worlds better than I did at 70is days! Haha. That was my WORST! You're looking great!