Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 86 and definite improvements

Next week, this Sunday to be exact is my 3 month anniversary! I can't believe how quick its gone and how quickly things are still changing from day to day.

Heres my progress pic...

(you need to zoom in to see the finer details)

On the left is me, Christmas 2013 (I wish it was me today but this is going to be me again by Christmas 2015). I look at this picture and laugh a little because I used to HATE those really fine smile wrinkles... I used to be a big smiler... smile all the time no matter what. I'd smile as big as I could in every picture just because I thought that if I didn't I looked weird and a little dorky haha. Oh how I would give anything to have all those fine smile wrinkles back again!!

Its ok though because the picture in the middle is me, today. I still have slightly swollen puffy cheeks and dry skin in the mornings before my clay mask, but at the moment if I run my finger over my cheek it actually feels smooth... like real smooth! Its such a weird crazy feeling after all these years to finally be free of TS and know that I can still achieve smooth skin... even if it might be dry, red and crackly again tomorrow, I know that I can still do it :)

On the right is me, 6 days after quitting TS, Elidel and moisturiser completely. Bit of a mess but it makes me so happy to see how far I've come!!!

Bring on the next 3 months I say!

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