Monday, 9 June 2014

9 WEEKS & Bentonite Clay

So first off, skin review for last week.

My face has been mostly flakey and a little inflamed with a nice smooth skin day on Saturday (it sounds like a weather report).

My arms last week were growing slowly more itchy over the week until Sunday I had a wee bit of a break down (even suggested using a bit of TS. My partner firmly put that in the NO box). My arms were just throbbing, and stinging and prickly and flakey and oozy all at the same time. I have been trying soooo hard to do as little damage as I can and to be honest they probably didn't look to bad but my god they felt terrible, I really wouldn't have minded if someone had come along and amputated them. My arms have not felt that bad for the whole last 2 months so I'm not 100% sure what brought the crazy horrible feeling on…. but I may have a slight idea. I upped my NAC supplement dosage to 2 capsules a day on Thursday or Friday and I also started my Glutathione again early last week also. So thoughts are that it was possibly an extra bit of healing going on. Because I woke up last night and low and behold my arms had severely dried out and there was a whole lot of dead skin flaking off with mostly dried but less inflamed skin underneath. Its such a weird and frustrating thing this TSW.

#unanswered question // What caused the massive itch attack in my arms?

I have also been getting more frequent sweat attacks during the day. I've never experienced anything like them before TSW apart from a couple of times earlier this year when I was reducing my steroid usage, and I just put them down to stress from work/packing/moving my life. But now I realise they are definitely TSW related. I'll just be sitting at my computer not doing anything out of the ordinary and all of a sudden my arms will start tingling and then I can feel my singlet getting damp and next thing you know I've got sweat droplets running down my back!!!!! Never in my life have I ever had sweat droplets running down my back!!! EVER!!!! Let alone when I'm just sitting round doing nothing much at all. So anyway yes over the last couple months these have been increasing in frequency… going from maybe 1 or 2 a week to having 3 in one day last week. Its a really strange feeling and I'm glad to know that I can sweat and that my sweat glands are working but I just wish they would work when its a normal time for them to work, like when I'm exercising. Not when I'm sitting around and certainly not while I'm sleeping!! Oh yea haha then theres the night sweats… jeesh they are fun. NOT. I now know to keep a couple sets of spare pj's by my bed. But the interesting thing with my night sweats is that I only seem to get them when I dream. And I'll know I'm dreaming cos my subconscious will be like 'hey your practically swimming in your pj's… time to wake up' and so I wake up, but you know how if you wake up in the middle of a dream, you know you were dreaming? Yea well that's me pretty much every time I wake up saturated.

#unanswered question // Why do I get massive sweat attacks during the day when I'm not doing anything?

#unanswered question // Why do I get night sweats from dreaming?

Its turning into a long post today…

So my second thing that I wanted to write about today is a couple weeks ago I had a lovely person comment on my blog and suggested I try Bentonite Clay masks to heal my face up a bit. I did a bit of research and saw some pretty positive reviews and because it's cheap enough I decided to give it a go. I was also kind of getting to the point where I felt I was doing all the right things for my skin and kind of started getting a bit impatient for something to happen so this has also made me feel a bit more positive and proactive which is always a good thing :)

So anyway my package arrived yesterday and here are the first pics….


Mask on…


So I thought it was a great result! I mean nothing is going to magically make me all better. But it reduced the swelling a little, it reduced the redness a little and it reduced the flaking… admittedly after an hour or two my skin dried out again and started flaking a little but it was definitely pretty great for the rest of the day. 

So this is going to be me over the next couple weeks… face masking every morning to see what happens :)

So heres what I did…

- 1/2 teaspoon of the Bentonite Clay - Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay, 1 lb (454 g) from iHerb

- A little water to make quite a runny paste (my skins so dry that almost after 10 seconds of applying the paste, my skin sucked all the water out and it started drying almost immediately. So make sure you have some warm water on hand to re-wet it pretty soon after application)

- I don't have a spray bottle unfortunately so instead I just filled a jar with warm water and kept dabbing my finger in the jar and spreading it over the clay paste

For the first 10 mins or so it felt really tingly and a my skin felt like it was throbbing a little.

I left it on for 20 mins… adding the warm water with my finger ever couple of minutes.

Washing it off was a bit messy haha. I'm going to have to perfect this technique. First off I tried wiping it off with a face cloth… this hurt a little so I stopped that. Then I just ended up cupping water in my hands and wiping the clay off with my fingers. Probably not ideal as I managed to get my sleeves, the bathroom bench and floor all wet in the process. 

SO that is the beginning of my next experiment! I'll report back in a couple more days and fingers crossed the improvements continue :)

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