Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Antihistamines and a little TSW fun

I thought I'd do a quick, very unscientific post on antihistamines and how the affect me... If I don't take any antihistamines and I try and sleep this is what the inside of my brain looks like...

Theres just this little part in there that absolutely refuses to go to sleep! Sometimes I feel like the rest of me is in a coma and but this little part of my brain just refuses to turn the light out and I will lie awake for hours. Most of the time I will end up researching on my phone all night long.... thank god for wifi on phones now! Last time I was going through TSW and I didn't have an iPhone, I read more books in 5/6 months than I have in probably my whole life and thats not a bad thing... its just my arms would ALWAYS go to sleep whilst trying to prop up the book, hold my little torch light and keep the blanket just over my shoulders but not touching my chin. Talk about difficult.

Anyway, I try only take them a couple times a week and they are usually pretty effective at putting me to sleep, I don't ever sleep right through even with a higher dose, they just make me feel drowsy enough to actually fall asleep and not be awake for to long when I do wake up, and the other couple of nights I just lie awake and contemplate.


Also because my last post was a bit of a downer I ended up searching for some joke things to cheer myself up a bit. I don't usually like these sort of sarcastic jokes very often but I thought that these ones were quite fitting :)

This ones my favourite! 

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