Monday, 26 May 2014


Firstly, my arms and neck are not great, but not bad. No oozing just a few scratches and grazes here and there and just really dry, atrophic and ashy looking. I think my arms and hands are going to take a long time to get back to normal looking skin, they still don't really produce any oil either even though I haven't used moisturiser on my arms since Dec last year, it never hurts, but I can often feel the skin pulling when I move.

Secondly, at the moment I think my face might be coming into a break, just because since the last couple of pics I put up 3 days ago my face has been improving and hasn't really gone into the down hill part of the cycle yet.

Its annoying how my camera puts that sort of yellow light on!
My skin is a tiny bit more red against white than what it looks like in the bottom pic.

Thirdly, seeing as my face has been improving a little bit, I have been trying to get a bit of sun on my cheeks for 10 mins each day for the last couple days. Its getting into winter down here and really cold! So I won't be able to get any other parts of me out in the sun just yet but I'll probably look into hitting up the solarium in a few months when the weather really packs in. I used to love going to the sun beds in the winter and getting to feel like it was summer even if it was just for 10 minutes.

Fourthly, I went to the gym with my partner on Sunday... for the first time in like forever. It was weird and I felt pretty self conscious, but when I got into it it was a lot of fun. I didn't sweat any... I must get my body to work on this. Maybe visit a sauna and MAKE it sweat. And the parts that are most achy from the work out e.g. back of arms, top of thighs and shoulder/chest area, I have noticed an increase in itch and it feels soooo good to scratch down hard on those achy muscles! I don't rip the skin or anything because I usually only ever use my rubber comb to scratch, but it just feels like a really good deep tissue massage as well as scratching that darn itch! I'm not going to make it into a regular thing just yet because I've been struggling to do much of anything these past couple days I've been so sore, but once I feel my energy levels picking up a bit I will definitely get back into it.

Lastly, I am going to start making Kombucha tea (a fermented, probiotic drink), not really because I think it will speed up my heeling or whatever, just because a friend of mine gave me a "mother" and a jar of pre-brewed tea to get me started, also because I'm almost out of my probiotic capsules and if this can save me $30 a month then I'm all for it :)

Today I had my first glass, it tasted alright, kind of fruity, but I think I may have left it slightly to long as it has a bit of a vinegary after-taste which I don't mind to much as I have Apple Cider Vinegar and honey every morning anyway haha.

Another week done and dusted... 2 months next week! Crazy how fast time goes when you look back on something... but how slow time seems to go when you look forward to something...

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