Monday, 19 May 2014


Um so this week I don't have to much to report… other than since stopping the glutathione I haven't had any weird mood swings or over the top anxiety this week which has been nice.

I had a big day yesterday… probably the biggest day since I started all this. My partner and I drove to Auckland (2.5hrs one way) and back to buy a new ute. Seeing as we are back in NZ for good we wanted to get a good car that doesn't break down all the time and require constant maintenance and since I don't actually need a car at the moment we wanted to get one really good one… so back to the story. We got up early… he drove down to Auckland… we test drove the ute… had to go find a bank to get a bank cheque… had to arrange insurance while we were at the car yard as we hadn't thought to arrange insurance before hand (dough) … ended up ringing 3 different providers as they were all soooo expensive (here is where I got a bit stressed and shaky, but even my partner was getting stressed about this and he's healthy!!) … finally drove all the way home… went to the grocery shop… got home and then as soon as I unloaded the groceries and was about to put dinner on I couldn't do it! I was literally a dead man walking! I had to sit down and could barely get up again!! It felt like I'd just run a marathon but without the sweat!!

It's a really strange thing when your body just decides to stop working. I would often get it in small doses when I was still working, but nothing to this extent, and I wasn't even working or doing anything active yesterday!

When your busy at work or doing anything during the day your body is just constantly alert, ready to take action when required, kind of like your body is being drip fed small amounts of adrenalin all day and I suppose this is where the adrenal fatigue is probably coming into play. As adrenalin is a natural stimulant created by the adrenal gland and due to the adrenal suppression caused by over use of topical steroids, it probably got to the point yesterday when I felt like I could relax enough and my adrenal gland was like 'ok thats it, I've given you all I got, your home safe now just go to bed' ---> this is all guess work mind you, but it makes perfect sense in regards to how I felt yesterday.

I ended up jumping into bed about 8pm last night and went straight to sleep which was nice but because I hadn't taken an antihistamine (I try to only take them a couple times a week) I woke up at 11pm and then was back to my routine of constantly waking up during the night. So I'm still feeling really worn out today, but I'm going to knock myself out tonight so hopefully I will manage a 6/7 hour sleep.

Skin wise I had a really good day on Sunday! My face skin felt so smooth! I'd say about 80% of the flakes had fallen off over night and I could run my fingers over my cheeks and they felt SMOOTH! Still inflamed though… like when I did the pinch test the skin on my cheeks still felt thick as opposed to the not inflamed skin just below my eyes and I still had red patches here and there. But it was nice to just not look in the mirror and pretend my skin was normal again.

On the good skin topic, I haven't talked much about the lower half of my skin… and thats because theres not really all that much to talk about. Apart from still getting itchy every where, most of my body except for my arms neck, shoulders and face are pretty much blemish free. Still dry and I get the odd nicks on my ankles and behind my knees now and then, and sometimes red or dry spots on my tummy but its so minimal… its probably actually better than when I was still using steroids!! WHAT!? I so badly wish I had taken photos of before I stopped moisturising.. because in the 4 months BEFORE stopping steroids and AFTER stopping moisturiser I don't think I used much, if any steroids on my legs, tummy, back area.

Im going to try and see if I can dig up some photos of me the last time I was withdrawing for my next post (have a feeling there won't be any though). God that was hell on earth and I'm so glad it's not like that this time… I actually have a pretty gruesome memory of being SOOO itchy I would use the lid off my moisturiser to literally dig my skin off, I just wanted to scratch it down to the bone. It actually makes me feel sick remembering that.

Anyway… as they say…

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