Monday, 5 May 2014

1 MONTH down!!

Well, I'm stoked that I've made it to one whole month! That much closer to being normalish!

To report on life this week, I have noticed that I have become sensitive to heaps more foods than usual… The allergies I know I have food wise are eggs and nuts mainly which I know to completely avoid, but over the last month there have been random times when I have prepared meals that are normally harmless to me, such as steak and veg for example, and I've had random reactions, such as swollen lips, itchy throat or sore tummy. Then I'll have the left overs of the same meal the next day (just to see if I react again) and I'll be fine! Its very bizarre.

I've got to also report back on the other supplements that I've added to the 3 B's but I'll do that in the next post I think. But so far so good… no change as far as I can tell.

Photo wise, I have not actually taken any photos this week as I think my skin is still pretty much exactly how it was last week and it'l be like basically looking at the same photos… except I've noticed looking back at the pics that I have uploaded… I really need to get a new camera!!! It looks like most of the pics are slightly blurred a little and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get EXACT photographic evidence of my first couple of weeks. Oh well onwards and upwards!!!

Life is getting interesting at the moment and most times I'm feeling positive that everything is going to be ok but in the back of my mind is always the thought that my first big flare is just around the corner.

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