Thursday, 22 May 2014

47 days and still plodding along

Ive started to notice that my face is in this continual faze of cycling really quickly. I think the only reason I've started to notice is the cycle veeeeeery is slowly getting longer. Instead of just being constantly flaking and peeling all the time the cycles are starting to grow to include dry skin flaking, rubbing, peeling off skin, to revel not quite ready baby skin underneath... and then the cycle repeats. Its still inflamed and thick mind you but some days just feel a lot smoother than others.

This is me DAY 45... skin inflamed and what not, but smooth.


This is me this morning... and I'd almost place a bet on my 
skin being back to day 45 by tomorrow or the next day.


Heres my neck that has also been a bit oozy for the first time as well.
Think my tattoo is going to need a bit of touching up after this! Haha

I also managed to dig up a couple of old pics from last time I was unknowingly going through TSW 5 years ago (May - Oct/Nov 2009). It was at the tail end of it when we had decided to go on holiday to Rarotonga in September '09 as we both thought that my 'eczema' was stress related and I just needed a good couple weeks off to chill out. I was still using the Elidel daily so my face wasn't affected and I'm pretty sure that I was probably using really mild steroids by now also so this is definitely not the worst of it.

Me asleep with my bandages on. 
I do remember having terrible insomnia last time also.

Love this picture apart from the fact I look purplish and if you zoom in you can 
sort of see slighty see red sleeves around my thumbs. I so badly wish I knew 
then what I know now. If only I could rewind the clock.


  1. Love your blog! I too had a bad first flare about 8 years ago not knowing what the heck was going on. So mad at myself for not stopping the TS completely back then. Oh well...onward we go! I have noticed people having different reactions to the glutathione. Some people have insane amounts of energy and then there's me with the insane amount of itching...but have decreased the itch I think with going gluten/sugar/dairy free. I also increased my water intake which may have helped the itching by allowing more toxins to be removed via my kidneys and not my skin. I am happy to hear your skin feels good here and there. I'm hoping your withdrawal is much shorter and easier than it would have been without the supplements.

    1. Thanks Tracy :) I'll probably give the glutathione another go maybe a bit further down the track and see how I respond then. I've definitely gone mostly gluten free since starting my withdrawal and have cut waaaay down on dairy.. but sugar is my downfall. I don't have it all the time but when I do have something sweet that sort of opens the flood gates and I have trouble stopping!! Thanks for the positive words and I'm hoping that if I do have a shorter withdrawal that it might encourage others also because I remember when I just found out about TSW and all I felt was dread at the time. I'm glad to see your doing so well also :)

  2. Muriel, you could try a bentonite clay mask on your face for 10-20 minutes to help with the healing and detox process if you wanted :) I was unknowingly depending on Elidel when I was in year 2, weened myself off when the tubs ran out and went back to steroids sigh. Hope you're doing well :)

    1. Hi Mary! I will definitely look into the bentonite clay! I have a friend who drinks the clay daily and she says its great but I didn't realise you can use it externally also :) Yes I'm a little nervous about this withdrawal from elidel... theres not a lot of information about it that I can find and I've read that though its not quite as bad, it lasts a lot longer... but one day at a time I suppose :) Hope your doing well to!!