Monday, 21 April 2014


The end of my second week has come and gone... my face becoming relatively stable (by stable I mean really flakey still with quite a few little sores here and there but not swollen anymore) after its initial freakout at not having any moisturiser or Elidel every day.

The rest of me is still doing better than I expected at this point... currently three weeks out from putting any Topical Steroids on anywhere. My arms and hands have become a lot more snowy and dry and when I have showers my arms turn bright red under the water... Its usually only warmish... I never have super hot showers anymore like I used to. Showers are a little stingy sometimes as well which I guess means I do have a few raw patches/cracked skin here and there.

Now for my photos...

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

I'm thinking that my first real flare is still yet to come unfortunately. I planned this whole thing out with the idea that I was going to go into a big flare pretty quickly after stopping the steroids... Its turning out a little different than I planned haha.

Oh well I suppose that life will never go exactly to plan! No matter how well you think you've planned it or how ready you think you are... things will always end up differently. I'm just thanking my lucky stars and my guardian angel and whoever else is looking down on me at the moment that I can sleep fine most of the time, I can wake up and be functional, I still don't itch that much more than I did before, Im not oozing or swollen and that I have the most amazing family and partner who are so understanding and supportive. 

ALSO!! My supplements arrived!! SO fast as I wasn't expecting them for another week or two but I'm going to do a bit of research tonight on what would be the best dosage to start off on and we will see how I go!!

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