Sunday, 13 April 2014


So my first official week has gone mostly how I thought it would.. with a few surprises.

I'll start off with my face....

From the first day that I quit Elidel my face went red and puffy for a couple of days then super dry and super swollen for a couple of days and the last couple of days its been doing quite a bit of shedding  and the swelling has reduced ever so slightly.

From day 1 I stopped using moisturiser also, so I think the dryness/shedding has a lot to do with moisturiser withdrawal.

Heres some pics...

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7
(if you wanted to enlarge the pics I think you just click on them, probably
not a great idea though unless you want to be scared for life haha)

Gosh what a mess!!! Ive covered up all the mirrors in the house so I can't actually see what I look like apart from looking at my daily pics on the small camera screen or unless I peak at the glass on the microwave. 

As for the rest of me, there is nothing interesting to report other than the fact that Im not any itchier than before I quit using TS.... This is where I start to get a little confused....

I knew that my face would go bad quick and the rest of me would follow in the next few weeks or so. But I also expected to start getting gradually itchier, to start developing little rashes here and there and for my skin to get redder and redder... slowly of course.... but this has not happened! None of it!! 

Now Im not complaining, but I'm just really really confused thats all, because if anything, the rest of me has actually gotten a little better.... apart from the metallic smell and a few little sores that I've scratched on one of my hands.

I am going to have to put this quiet skin period down to the lack of stress. Im home with mum now, chilling, reading, walking, researching, sleeping, eating healthy, drinking lots of green tea and a little ACV, watching movies and Ive had not a lot of other human contact over the last week which has suited me just fine as I feel like I could probably make a baby cry at this moment.

My sleeping patterns at the moment are into bed at 10pm, with waking periods between 1pm and 4/5am. A couple of nights I will wake a few times and then fall back to sleep quite quickly, other nights I will wake and then stay awake for a few hours. But this generally hasn't bothered me to much... mostly when I wake up at 1pm I'll be soaked in sweat and have to get changed... I'll have a scratch from being itchy from sweating but once I've dried off and cooled down I can jump into bed and be quite calm until I go back to sleep.

At the moment I consider myself to be very luck so far and I will feel like I've won the lottery if it keeps going this way. Of course I have to be realistic and I know that I'm only 1 week in to this wild ride.

I've got my first doctors appointment this afternoon so Ive armed myself with all sorts of research. I don't actually feel like I need any medication at this point, I've been taking OTC antihistamines a couple of times to get a more solid sleep and ibuprofen when I fell a little sore, but I feel like I need to build some sort of a relationship with a doctor who is semi understanding if things take a turn for the worse.

Still haven't had a chance to order my supplements yet as I'm waiting for my new credit card to arrive in the mail but hopefully this week sometime I'll get a chance to do that.

Haven't got much else to report... I just wish I could predict the future sometimes.

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