Monday, 12 January 2015

9 MONTHS... 280 days

I'm behind on my skin update for month 9... I completely skipped my month 8 update... and I think thats mainly because after going downhill a bit I was pretty stagnant for the most part.

After my last update (7 months) when my skin was in a fairly good place I went down hill slightly and stayed there basically right up until early last week when there was literally an overnight improvement.

So basically between month 7 - 9 my neck and face went back to shedding similar amounts to maybe month 6ish... I had a spot oozing on my neck for over a week that didn't want to heal... every morning I HAD to have a shower to exfoliate all the dead skin off (just rubbing gently with my fingertips)... stinging in the shower... my neck just felt tight and sore all the time so I was back to taking 2 ibuprofen every night and most times during the day as well. Basically from the shoulders up, I felt sore, red and swollen. Definitely not the same as the early days but I think it just seemed so bad because of how far I had come.

Diet and supplement wise I have been pretty shocking since maybe mid-December. Sugar, gluten, dairy, take-aways, you name it. My skin had already taken a turn before this and I kind of just felt like "Screw it! Its Christmas/ New Years! I'm going to eat whatever the hell I want to eat!!" (I even had a few sneaky vodkas on New Years Eve, and I hadn't had any alcohol for 8 months), I also ran out of all my supplements right before christmas and with money a bit tight at the moment I haven't actually invested in any more yet - Probiotics, Folic Acid (Vit B9), Vit B12, Fish Oil caps and Apple Cider Vinegar... typical that I'd run out of everything all at the same time!!! But interestingly, I've still had this major improvement without all the good stuff.

I'm definitely going to get back into my supps when I can afford to again because they definitely weren't doing me any harm and who knows... If I hadn't run out what would my skin be like now??

I'm not really using the clofibrate ointment anymore. I think the repair lotion was working but once again, I ran out and can't afford to get any more. I've used a bit of sunblock the last few weeks... my partner and I have been out fishing and the sun is so fierce in summer over here! I've noticed that the sunblock dries my face and neck out pretty bad though.

So! On the flip side... since early last week I now feel so much better. I DON'T have to shower and exfoliate every morning any more. My face/neck area is barley shedding at all. I've stopped taking the ibuprofen. That morning that I woke up, it was actually the pain that I notice first had disappeared, because every TSW warrior knows, when turning your neck theres only a certain distance you can turn it before you get that sharp tight feeling, warning you not to go any further.

So without further ado... PHOTOS!

8th December 2014 - Day 244
I didn't get many photos over the last 2 months... but this one about sums them up

9th January 2015 - Day 276 

Last weekend fishing with my BFF

I think this is going to be a great year! A million times better than last year!! This is the year...

Happy healing thoughts to everyone out there in the bolgosphere.

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