Saturday, 21 February 2015

10.5 MONTHS and a MAAHOSIVE surprise

Skin wise all has been great ever since beginning of last month when things "magically" took a turn for the better. Theres still been general improvements, less reddening, less shedding, improved elasticity etc. The rest of my body from neck down is 100% normal now.. it has been for a while but I'm not to sure if I've really talked about the rest of my skin much. My stomach feels amazingly smooth and I don't even get the little rashy bits behind my knees any more.

So my MAAHOSIVE surprise and why I can see now how things "magically" got better all of a sudden is I'm currently 7.5 weeks pregnant!!!!!!!!! OMG I actually was gobsmacked when I found out but it all makes sense now.... these baby hormones have done wonders for my skin!!!

Life has been incredibly crazy/complicated/insane for the last 3 weeks since we found out. We were supposed to be getting married 7th November... I booked our honeymoon to South America the day before I found out... I'd just been offered a new full-time job (I've been out of work since I started TWS - just working on my own little business and doing part time work here and there) and now to top it all off we've got another unexpected guest coming to the wedding who is "due" to arrive 4 weeks beforehand... knowing my luck he or she will be 2 weeks late!

My brain feels like a 5 lane roundabout somewhere in South East Asia right now... Things going everywhere.

We've decided to move the wedding to January which gives us 3 months to settle into parenthood before we tie the knot... I've cancelled our honeymoon.. Thinking we'll probably have to go somewhere a little closer to home haha... I've taken the full time job. This was a pretty big decision for me but when they showed me the contract (and the pay rate) I had to do it. I've not had any morning sickness at all and I really want to be able to get into more of a financially stable situation, with me being off work last year our savings are looking pretty poorly at the moment.

I'm pretty excited now but my initial reaction, and I still have moments of it, was talk about timing!!! We hadn't been trying at all and I'd actually been told that I'd have problems having children. So yip, completely mind blown.

But getting back to the main topic. It does make me wonder what is going to happen after the pregnancy... Is my skin going to continue to be normal or am I going to go back into flaring again???? I wish I knew the answer.

Time for a quick photo update...

Day 320!!


  1. Congrats!!!! I'm glad the hormones from the baby are helping, I've always been scared that getting pregnant would make my skin go haywire.

    Keep us updated!
    Sending everyone Positive healing thoughts.


    1. Thanks Cat!! I really thought my skin would suffer when we (eventually) got pregnant to.. But it's been the complete opposite! So strange. I'll definitely keep updating as things progress :D

  2. Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!! Keep us posted on how your baby skin does! Hoping you can heal well enough that you have no rebound flaring after giving birth! That would be the best! :)

    1. Thanks Tracy!! :) I'm really hoping to be healed enough by then for no rebound flaring! I'm going to have my fingers crossed for the next 7 months haha

  3. Hey there, I just found your blog and am feeling very blessed that I did--your experiences with TS are very similar to my own, as was having a "mini" TSW experience before realizing the cause. I've only put two and two together in the past five days, got really freaked out and haven't touched TS since (been on them for about 10 years, and oral steroids off and on for longer than that).

    I was already having a bit of a flare, so the past five days have been pretty rotten and I had been feeling more and more panicked until I found stoppingtopicalsteroids' blog, and through hers, your own. Your story gives me so much hope, and takes away some of the guilt I was having about wanting to put off going through TSW for a few months to figure out finances, coping strategies, etc.

    I literally found your blog two hours ago and read through every entry in order and am so inspired and so much more hopeful after doing that! I made a list of things to do and buy before I decide to start and am in general just feeling so much less like having a death sentence knowing what I'll be undertaking when it does happen. Anyway this is rambling and I know you are busy with wedding and pregnancy stuff (congratulations!!), but I just really wanted to thank you for writing this blog and staying so positive, I will be using it as a source of encouragement as I prepare to undertake my process and when it actually starts. You are awesome, please keep us posted on how you are doing when it's reasonable to do so :)

  4. Hello, I have a similar skin history to you, although instead of Elidel, I've been using Protopic for the past 10 years on my face. Pretty sure I'm addicted to the stuff, but not sure when I am ready to go through withdrawal. I'm also in New Zealand and I was hoping I could contact you directly about where you got your genetic testing? Not sure if you check this blog anymore, but please let me know if I can email you? Thank you!

  5. congratulation, the progress looks good