Wednesday, 12 November 2014

7 MONTHS - 220 Days

I hit the 7 month mark last Thursday so I'm only a little behind with this months update!

Over the last month my whole 'self' has improved... My skin (mostly), my sleep, my attitude, my energy levels. The only thing that I'm still lacking a wee bit is motivation to get out of my comfort zone where I have created a nice safe little bubble. I feel like I'm just waiting to turn that last corner where my skin feels and looks completely normal again and I can come out of my little hiding hole and yell at the top of my lungs... LOOK AT ME!! It actually gives me excited little butterflies when I think about how that is going to feel :)

But alas.. I always have in the back of my mind the anniversary flare and as those months creep closer I just feel more and more nervous. I feel like I've reached such a great point skin wise at the moment and feel like I'm just teetering on the edge of a cliff. Waiting to fall.

My face and neck have 90% stopped shedding, I'll wake up in the morning and my skin will be a little dry and lacking in moisture but there won't be any skin flakes anywhere. I've not taken any sleeping or pain medication for nearly 3 weeks. I haven't had any night sweats in a month. I'm not tired any more at all. I can usually jump in bed and be asleep by 10.30ish maybe waking up once at around 1/2am.

The only thing that I still get really bothered by is if I put the Clofibrate ointment on my face and neck without having a shower first. The ointment still seems to make my 'quite skin' become 'alive, crazy skin' so I try to only shower and apply the ointment once a day. Its almost like having a shower desensitises the area from being a parched desert which allows the moisturiser to go on without creating a crazy burning sensation like millions of little fire ants running all over my face.

This is me last weekend...

The flash pics are to show how few red spots I have left.

Unfortunately I think I'm a little redder today. And I feel like I've been a little itchier this week.. which all could be down to hormones but I guess only time will tell. 

I also think that the one thing that will really mean that I'm close to healing is either not having the dry skin at all and my skin oils return on my face and neck, or I can comfortably apply the Clofibrate ointment with no problems. 

One thing that I do love doing is adding comparisons!!!

Only a short [and all over the show] update this time... didn't really have that much to report on. 

Here's to happy healing!!


  1. Wow great healing! Can see you going uphill on healing progress. Cheers to happy healing xxx ahfaye

  2. Hi. It's nice to see you are healing.

    I was wondering if you have tried going on without Dr.Fukaya's Clofibrate ointment to see if it really helps you or not.

    I have the ointment myself but I haven't really used it often because it makes me itch more. But this was during the early months and of course I didn't expect the ointment to really work then.

    I have about the same progress as you - around 7 months in TSW.

  3. Hi! Yes, actually I've used it pretty sparingly over the last couple of months... I went down hill a bit since this last post and started using the ointment once a week if that. I'm waaay over due for my next blog post so I must remember to do that.

    Do you have a blog? I'd be great to read it if you do!