Monday, 4 August 2014

Infographic :: Where and how much I used TS and Where I am flaring at the moment

I saw on someone else's blog a little while back a picture that demonstrated where and how heavily they had used TS prior to withdrawing and I thought that was a really cool idea. So I sat down at my computer and had a go at putting something together myself that shows how often and where I used TS and also where I am flaring mainly at the moment.

The First one demonstrates where and how frequently I used TS and Elidel

The Second one shows where I'm flaring/still rashy at the moment 

Tomorrow I am officially 4 months into this and I'm pretty amazed at how far I've come and how well I'm doing considering my history and how bad my last 'unknown withdrawal' was. I feel like I've gotten off relatively easy this time. Fingers crossed its all healing from hear on out.

My mum has also decided to throw us an engagement party in September.. Gives me a few more weeks to do a bit more healing. I've also invested in some of Dr. Fukaya's Clofibrate Ointment and also the Skin Repair Lotion... just to see if I can get my self looking a little less inflamed by the engagement party... I have a feeling its going to be a pretty big family affair and even though the family all know what I'm doing it'd still be nice to look a bit better and be able to have them all say 'oh what a lovely ring... and your skin looks AMAZING!' haha yea its a bit of an ask but you never know.

Once the stuff arrives I'll report back on any progress (or not as the case may be).


  1. This is so neat!!! My husband and I were thinking about making an App similar to this. With something that keeps track of your flares and the intensity of it. I think it would be awesome for people to have.

    I hope the Clofibrate helps!!! And I hope your feet stay clear! Mine started getting worse around month 4/5

    1. An App is such an awesome idea!! It would be so useful especially for people like me who don't take as many photos as they should :)

      I've got my fingers crossed that it helps! There's a few positive comments about it on the forum so here's hoping.

  2. Very cool!!! I love this idea! I'm definitely still worse where I used the most...