Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 118... Nearly 4 Months!

Life has become semi normal for me again. Being back at work part time it has really given me a chance to see how far I can push myself without pushing myself over the edge. It has meant that I've become a little slack on my progress posts tho :(

Life update first...

Well, last Saturday 26th July, my nearly 7 year partner asked me to marry him!!! I'm still in slight amazement and disbelief that he's finally asked me... I'd always thought we would get married someday... but never had I ever ever in my wildest dreams imagined that he would ask me right in the middle of TSW when this would be the worst he's ever seen me... and he still wants to marry me!! How crazy is that!! I was absolutely blown away and he planned it perfectly. I didn't suspect a thing!

Skin behaved perfectly for the two days while we were away

The ring

Spot where he proposed

Yea, so as you can tell life is pretty good at the moment :)

Skin Update...

The two days that we went away last weekend were probably the best my skin has been since pre-TSW. It was calm both days... no redness... no itching... no flaking. Just really really good :) it was almost as if my partner had let my skin in on his little secret and my skin had decided to behave for those two days.

Before the engagement and since the engagement my skin has been pretty up and down. When I say skin I really mean my face, neck, chest and hands as most other parts of me are basically rash free. I never moisturise anywhere and even when I jump out of the shower these days, I never feel as though I even need to moisturise anymore!

This last week I've been having a bit of a flare on my trouble spots... it could be the start of a big flare, but I kind of doubt it... or it could just be because that time of month is due next week.

Apart from the dry skin... looking nearly normal today

Until I smile... those puffy smile wrinkles just don't want to go down!

Looks like Ive been in a fight... Lucky its not my ring hand!

So I think to sum up my skin situation at the moment I'd say its pretty stagnant with a few minor flare ups now and then. Kinda just waiting for something to happen... for my skin to make the next move.

Things I have noticed lately...

  • Daytime sweat attacks have stopped completely
  • Night sweats have been reduced to maybe once a week and have only had one so bad that I had to get changed in the middle of the night probably once in the last month.
  • I had a minor annoying sore throat for about 2 weeks that never developed into anything and kind of just gradually went away (a little unrelated to TSW but thought I would mention it anyway as I though maybe it has something to do with my immune system growing stronger)
  • I've found a few more lymph nodes... Feel a little uneasy about this one.. but I know that swollen lymph nodes are all part of it
  • I had heartburn for the first time in my life two nights in a row (also unrelated to TWS but anything out of the usual at the moment kind of makes me wonder)
  • Red sleeves are pretty much gone, I just get a little red on my hands, wrists and up my inner arm sometimes
  • I also got a little bit wheezy when we went away on the weekend... I used to have to use my puffer all the time. But I haven't needed to use it in probably over a year so I though that was a bit strange and I did have a puff on my ventolin even though its steroids... gotta do what you gotta do to breath!


  1. We are SO similar! The only place I'm really effected anymore is my neck, chest, and face... The red, thick skin on my face mY face is so annoying!

    And the RING!!!!!! Mine is a round cut as well!

    1. UGH Yes!! I totally get where your coming from... I get so annoyed by the thick skin to! When the day comes that it finally feels and looks normal again I'll be so amazed haha. Hope your doing well Jen!

      Haha I sort of left little hints around the place of ones that I liked, like on the computer desktop haha... I fully didn't expect him to go out and buy one though!

  2. Congrats on the engagement! So beautiful :) I hated my night sweats! Hope things are easing up on u xxx

  3. Congratulations on the engagement and on your fantastic skin improvement. Don't worry ventolin doesn't contain steroid, its just a reliever.