Friday, 7 March 2014

8 Days no Topical Steroids

So yesterday was a bit of mile stone for me… I actually can't remember the last time that I went for longer than a week with no TS. I'd say probably at least 5 or 6 years ago! So I can say that right now I am pretty proud of myself :)

I think theres a couple of reasons I can contribute to this… firstly is not having used moisturiser since end of November last year. Funnily enough, I still use moisturiser on my face and thats where I get the most rashy these days. Coincidence much? I think not! … secondly, its still really nice and warm here in Perth, I've been getting a bit of sun over the weekends and my skins loving the warm weather … and thirdly… well there actually isn't a thirdly!!

The condition of my skin yesterday was red. Haha really RED, not swollen, I started to get a few tiny cracks on my hands and a little rashy behind my knees (no real rashes anywhere else), no energy, not sleeping to great and just felt a little bit 'sore' everywhere, kind of a hard feeling to describe. These symptoms had really only popped up in the last couple of days. I also applied TS last night after my shower as I've got stuff on this weekend so Im back to normal again this morning and maybe I'll make it to 9 days next week…

Its quite strange how I decided on my quit date and gave myself permission to keep using the roids whenever I needed to and to not feel guilty about it, but since quitting the moisturisers I have unwittingly been slowly tapering my usage. I really hope this doesn't affect the length of time it takes me to fully flare after quitting completely.

I've put a lot of plans in place for this recovery. I'm actually flying back to New Zealand at the end of this month to take my 6 month sabbatical living back home with either my mum or my sister… who ever can put up with me the best!! haha. Which is when I will either end up deep in TSW hell… or I'll be able to function enough to get my own business up and running.

Some days I feel positive about what this experience is going to bring.. other days I feel full of dread… mainly of the unknown. But I'm 100% sure that I'll come out on the other side as a better person one way or another :)

On a side note: Still haven't received my MTHFR gene tests back yet. Fingers crossed for next week!


  1. Hey there,

    Nice blog! Do share more on the MTHFR gene report..think it could be the missing link for many TSW sufferers =)


    1. Hi!! Thanks!! :)

      Yea the more I read about this MTHFR gene mutation, the more sense it makes. I'm pretty positive that my blood tests are gong to come back with some form of the mutation.. just waiting to see what variation I have.

      Like the new layout of your blog btw!

  2. Hi, I'd also be really interested to know if your test for MTHFR gene came back positive. I've not had the test as its not easy to do in the UK, but have been taking the supplements for around 2 months yet and am seeing fantastic improvements.
    Thanks for blogging.

    1. Hi Amanda!! Sorry I took so long to reply! I've been overseas the last 12 days and only got back yesterday… my results had arrived and yup I tested positive for the gene mutation.. only 1 form of it though, not both of them… so its going to be interesting to see how things work out :) so glad to hear that your doing well on the supplements! I haven't started them yet as I haven't had a chance to organise that but now I've finished work I will be ordering my supps ASAP. Thanks for your comment :)