Monday, 25 November 2013

Remember… Good Skin

I just wanted to do one more post today to show how my skin is at the moment and how its been in the past so that I can look back at this and remember what my goal is!!!

Taken this morning, face is looking very calm
(don't tell anyone that 3 days ago I used a quarter of a cotton bud size 
of elecon on my top lip / cheeks as it looked like I had grown 
a red beard and had to go to the races the 
following day) <---- this is not a regular occurrence!!

1 - This is my most recent face pic (other than the one above it) taken only a couple weeks ago.

2 - This was almost 2 years ago

3/4 - Couple months ago

Yes, I like catching a few rays…. I know, I know, I know. I can just hear all my friends voices in my head RIGHT NOW haha but I just feel so much better with a natural tan. You can't see all my red spots quite as easily and the fake tans just dry my skin out something cronic and then go all flakey… and then very visibly patchy… plus vitamin D is good for you right! (DISCLAIMER - In no way am I endorsing tanning!! Normal skin people should definitely alway go for the fake stuff… your skin can handle it. This is just a personal preference for me at the moment)

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